The idea for LaBlast® came about after the second season of Dancing with the Stars, when Louis’ celebrity partner, Lisa Rinna, confided that she had an amazing experience working with him and wanted to keep dancing after the show season ended. As far as she knew there weren’t any classes offered that fit exactly what she’d been doing with Louis and, after a discussion between the two friends, it quickly became apparent to Louis that he had an opportunity to create something new and exciting – something that wasn’t already out there.

The premise was simple: create a partner-free dance program that anyone could participate in and learn to dance, get fit, and have fun. With Lisa’s help, Louis launched his first class in a small dance studio with five friends. In just a few weeks, the classes were packed! More classes were added and before he knew it, Louis was teaching eight classes, six days a week. After two years, the classes had become so popular that he had no choice but to expand by developing a dance program that would be suitable for both dance and fitness facilities worldwide.

In 2009, Louis was partnered with Kelly Osbourne for the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars’. The pair had a very successful season and Kelly lost 25 pounds in three months dancing. Following the show, Louis flew to his native country of the Netherlands to test the LaBlast® program in several dance and fitness studios. The response was overwhelmingly positive. With this success, Louis came back to the United States with a determination to bring LaBlast® to students all across America.

Louis’s mission for LaBlast® is simple: to get people moving from all corners of the world, regardless of their fitness level, age, or background, all through the power of dance!




placeholder-00Three-time World Dance Champion and Emmy-nominated choreographer Louis van Amstel is best known for his nine stunning turns on the smash hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars.” When not tearing up the dance floor on TV, Louis continues to grow his highly popular dance fitness program, ” LaBlast®”, which is spreading rapidly and currently available in multiple cities worldwide.

Louis has an extensive background as a professional choreographer, coach and trainer. He served as a choreographer on FOX’s dance hit show “So You Think You Can Dance,” marking the first time any “DWTS” talent had crossed over to work on both shows at the same time. He has also choreographed for Fox’s “Lie to Me” and he trained the contestants on ABC’s reality show, “The Bachelor Pad.” Additionally, Louis served as choreographer, creative director, and performer for the immensely popular “Dancing with the Stars” live stage show in 2006 and 2007, bringing his unique teachings and edgy style to millions of dancing fans around the U.S. Louis’ artistic and inspired choreography brought ballroom to the people and his creative vision helped to make the “Dancing with the Stars” tour one of the most successful live shows.

Louis established himself as an expert on achieving fitness through dance after helping to transform the bodies of past “Dancing with the Stars” celebrity partners Kelly Osbourne, Niecy Nash, and Margaret Cho. As a longtime passionate advocate of healthy living, Louis created LaBlast® to promote fitness and make working out fun- all through the power of dance! “I run this class for the people who think they can’t dance or have two left feet, and offer five levels catering to everyone from the absolute beginner to the already experienced dancer!”

Louis created LaBlast® to combine the worlds of dance and fitness-providing a one of a kind workout that motivates and empowers students of every fitness level to keep dancing and have a Blast!!