How Do I Recover My Password?

When you click the “Log In” link you will see a “Lost Password” link immediately beneath the log in fields.  Click the link and it will ask you for your email.  Please enter the email address of your LaBlast account and click “Send.” You will receive and email with a link to reset your password within a few short hours.  Follow the instructions and you’re all set.

Make sure you check your spam and add to your address book to assure you have received any automated emails from our site.

Is there a LaBlast® DVD I can do at home?

Yes! LaBlast® just launched an At Home subscription program that gives you access to our latest series of fitness dance videos on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

For $24.99/month you can learn to dance and workout in disguise, in the comfort of your own home.

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What is LaBlast®?

LaBlast® is an exciting interval cardio dance workout based on all dances seen on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ while learning the true skill of dance. It’s completely partner free and uses a wide variety of music. LaBlast® also incorporates strength training with weights in Viennese Waltz, Merengue, and Rumba. LaBlast® is a workout in disguise!™

What should I wear?

It’s a dance work out class, so you want to wear comfortable sports clothes that make you feel good. Clothing materials that stretch and absorb sweat well are highly recommended.

What shoes do I wear?

It’s highly recommended to wear sneakers that are very supportive and have a good profile under the sole. Make sure the soles are flexible enough to swivel and are cushioned to absorb all movement.

Will I break a sweat during LaBlast®?

It’s a full body workout and interval training – not only will you break a sweat, you might even be drenched in sweat! Therefore it’s important you bring water to stay hydrated, a towel, and maybe a change of clothes for after class.

Is sweating good for me? I hate sweating!

It’s understandable most of us hate the feeling of sweating when going out or attending an important event. When working out, sweating has so many benefits. When you sweat you burn more calories and it’s great for your metabolism. It gives you the feeling of a great workout, and it’s great for your skin, because it opens your pores and gets rid of the toxins in your body.

Is LaBlast® for everyone?

If you’re willing to give up control and get out of your head, LaBlast® is accessible for everyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced dancer. The program is especially designed for people that have never danced before or think they are clutzy, clumsy, and have two left feet. LaBlast® is the only dance fitness program where you learn the true skill of dance. It’s a multi level program including 16 dances, where people can progress at their own rate according to their personal fitness goals.

Do I need a dance partner?

Even though LaBlast® is based on ballroom dancing, it’s completely partner free! Of course you can bring friends, but LaBlast® does not require you to dance with a partner.

What dances are included in LaBlast®?

Cha Cha, Salsa, Disco, Samba, Jive, Paso Doble, Merengue, Hustle, Lindy Hop, Viennese Waltz, Quick Step, West/East Coast Swing, Rumba, and Tango!

I am a certified group fitness instructor but I have never danced before, can I become a LaBlast® instructor?

Yes! Even though LaBlast® is a dance fitness program, some of our most successful instructors come from a background in group fitness and aerobics. During the certification, a big focus is on dance philosophy, which gives you the tools you need instantly. Having a dance background is helpful, and we strongly encourage any LaBlast instructor be certified as a group fitness instructor.

How do I become an instructor?

Attend any one of our scheduled one-day 9-hour certifications! We currently have two certifications: LaBlast® Foundations, which features 8 dances- Cha Cha, Salsa, Disco, Samba, Jive, Merengue, Paso Doble, & Hustle (4-ct), introduces our one of a kind movement philosophy, teaching techniques and lesson planning you’ll need to launch a successful LaBlast class! LaBlast® Turn it Up! adds 8 brand new dances- Lindy Hop, Viennese Waltz, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Quick Step, Rumba, Tango, and Hustle (3-ct), additional choreography for the Foundations dances, and goes deeper into the movement philosophy.

What if I have a merchandise question?

Please contact customer service through Sports Today, our online store.
877-MUSIC77 [877-687-4277] 949-333-4820 (International)
M-Th 9am – 12am EST | Fri 9am – 8pm EST

I just completed my certification, how do I log into my Instructor Profile?

You will receive a welcome email with your username and password as well as detailed instructions on how to login and create your profile. Contact us if you do not receive your welcome email the first business day after your certification.

How do I find a LaBlast® class near me?

Visit the “Find a Class” tab to find a complete listing of all LaBlast® classes by zip code! Don’t see any near you? Consider hosting a LaBlast® certification to get some brand new instructors in your area!

Also, check out the “Events” tab to see where Louis or one of our Master Trainers will be leading a LaBlast® Master Class next!