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LaBlast® Fitness with Schools

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Virtual Online Dance Fitness Program2020-09-30T00:10:06-06:00

LaBlast® Fitness is a dance fitness program based on partner-free Ballroom dancing and all of the dances seen on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. It includes all components of physical fitness. Such as: cardio, muscle endurance, weight training, stretching, and interval training. All genres and eras of music are used.This program keeps students engaged & moving, live-streamed, fun, teacher-led cleass perfect for all ages, K – 12.

Satisfies State Physical Education Minutes2020-09-30T00:11:10-06:00

Correlated with the Physical Education Standards and Dance Standards. Available for any school district in the US. Accompanied with quizzes for grading and accountability

LaBlast® LiveStream: The 10/40 Formula (Theory/Physical Education)2020-10-07T12:32:29-06:00

LaBlast® Fitness is based on interchangeable patterns instead of choreography, which makes learning for students much easier and enjoyable. One movement pattern can be repeated as many times as needed before moving on to the next pattern. The goal is to make learning a new skill easy, the experience joyous, without sacrificing quality. The LaBlast® LiveStream class begins with 10 minutes of dance and fitness theory, followed by a 40 minute LaBlast® Fitness class.

LaBlast® Fitness Philosophy (Learn More)2020-10-07T12:32:18-06:00

Within LaBlast®, we promote moving the entire body: physically, mentally, and emotionally at all times. When moving the whole body, the students will experience dance and fitness from the inside out. Students are also able to build confidence & self esteem and learn to express their emotions through the power of music and dance fitness. The more involved students are in this philosophy, the more benefits they will enjoy on a cognitive, motor, and assertive level.

LaBlast is 100% dance and 100% fitness. The program includes a carefully created music playlist for each class with a fully integrated fitness plan in disguise, to ensure that students are getting the most benefits out of each workout. It is the mission of LaBlast® Fitness to teach the students the skill of dance, the tools to workout properly, and set them up for success in life.

Learn More About LaBlast® Fitness in Schools2020-10-07T12:33:24-06:00

Due to Covid-19, we have been forced to recreate the wheel and look for new ways to connect with the students in a safe manner. In the past four months LaBlast® has created a livestream virtual film studio dedicated to online broadcasting and has amazing Master Trainers who can teach the LaBlast® classes for students virtually at any time of day. These Master Trainers are very skilled, have experience teaching children, either through group fitness or having children of their own.

CBZ ReBoot (Non-Profit Partner)2020-10-07T12:33:47-06:00

CBZ Reboot, Inc is a nonprofit 501.c.3 that was formed as a legacy organization to continue the dance dreams of Connor Bishop Zion. Connor was an aspiring Ballroom Dancer since the age of 8. His life was tragically cut short at the young age of 21. Dance was his passion. His long term plan was to help introduce others to dance particularly underserved youth, disabled and, high risk. At CBZ we have been continuing his roadmap by bringing programs into schools that promote dance and movement.

About Louis van Amstel2020-10-07T12:34:18-06:00

“Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer/choreographer, and three-time world ballroom dance champion who has created this popular dance fitness program, “LaBlast® Fitness”.

Louis van Amstel Personally Trains Staff2020-09-30T00:16:31-06:00

Louis assures that each child receives the best experience possible by training each LaBlast® Fitness LiveStream teacher.

Stress-Free for School Teachers2020-09-30T00:17:30-06:00

Quizzes & testing made available to school teachers by LaBlast® Fitness creator, Louis van Amstel. Discussion topics for accountability and grading.

LaBlast® Fitness Enrichment Program

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