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If You Can Clap It…

…You Can Dance It!

Louis van Amstel, creator of LaBlast has coined the phrase, “If you can clap it, you can dance it!” Time and time again, we have seen that this truly is the case. Something that LaBlast Fitness focuses on that other formats don’t is “total body movements”. This means, forgetting about choreography and footwork, and relaly focusing on the entire body coming together to make a complete movement.

“I can’t dance”

“I have no rhythm”

“I have two left feet!” 

“There’s no way I can do that!”

These statements are used as excuses for people who are most likely self-conscious. And that’s ok! As an instructor, it’s important to know that it truly is possible.

Part of “IYCCIYCDI” is getting out of your head, and into the movement. It’s easy for students to get caught up in their footwork, but focusing on the movement of the entire body truly helps students’ dance like never before!

Tips to help you and your students:

  • Don’t focus on the steps
    • Focus on the movements
  • Clap the rhythm of the dance
  • Focus on the positive
    • Don’t single out someone who is having a hard time. Focus on improvement
  • Remember:
    • If You Can Clap It, You Can Dance It!
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