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Traveling with Goals

Summer is the season of weekend trips and unplanned meals. I’m so excited for summer. I mean, who isn’t. I also am aware that I’m going to have to make conscious

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Bonus Days

For the last 2.5 years, I have felt Jaded. Angry. Robbed.Sepsis robbed me of my happiness, my confidence in my health, my weight loss achievements, and so much more.Sepsis has made it

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Habits are Hard

Forming a new habit, or fixing a bad habit, takes time, dedication, and patience.I’m going to give the example of waking up early as a new habit. It’s something that I have

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Hi! I'm Emma Mero. (☝?That's me!)
About Me: I love cats, The Office, and puns. I work as the Social Media & Marketing Director for a dance-fitness company, LaBlast Fitness. Which is why the name of my blog is “The LaBlog” (because I’m punny and I don’t think I’ll ever run out of “LaBlast” puns.)

I also have a passion for helping people and making others the best versions of themselves. I’m working on doing that for myself, follow along with my journey!

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