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LaBlast teaches social & emotional learning and creates future career opportunities for students.

What educators are saying about lablast® fitness

“…We have established a partnership with LaBlast who has successfully utilized several academic and social emotional elements for our students, families, and teachers.  Students participate safely in two 45-minute sessions a week which includes appropriate music students enjoy, dance, physical fitness, promoting self-motivational messages all while aligning with Physical Education Standards.  I am grateful for the positive impact LaBlast has had for the Miles community.”

Diane Espino, Principle of Miles Elementary, LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District)

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The LaBlast Fitness certification in a 1 day, 9-hour certification.

This certification qualifies you to teach LaBlast Fitness at any location that offers group fitness or start your own.

When interested in teaching the LaBlast Accredited School Program or the Enrichment Program, you will work with LaBlast Headquarters and a fully curated curriculum will be provided to you.

The income for teaching in schools is above average comparatively to the group fitness industry. Gas expenses are also covered (varies by School District).

LaBlast® Fitness is a dance fitness program based on partner-free Ballroom dancing and all of the dances seen on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. It includes all components of physical fitness such as; cardio, muscle endurance, weight training, stretching, and interval training. All genres and eras of music are used. LaBlast keeps students engaged & moving and is perfect for all students K-12.

LaBlast® Fitness is based on interchangeable patterns instead of choreography, which makes learning for students much easier and enjoyable. One movement pattern can be repeated as many times as needed before moving on to the next pattern. The goal is to make learning a new skill easy, the experience joyous, without sacrificing quality. The LaBlast® LiveStream class begins with 10 minutes of dance and fitness theory, followed by a 40 minute LaBlast® Fitness class.

(Time adjustable for lower grades)

LaBlast Fitness Enrichment Program is an after school program designed to engage students without the 10 Minute Theory Portion or the testing added in.

Within LaBlast®, we promote moving the entire body: physically, mentally, and emotionally at all times. When moving the whole body, the students will experience dance and fitness from the inside out. Students are also able to build confidence & self esteem and learn to express their emotions through the power of music and dance fitness. The more involved students are in this philosophy, the more benefits they will enjoy on a cognitive, motor, and assertive level.

LaBlast is 100% dance and 100% fitness. The program includes a carefully created music playlist for each class with a fully integrated fitness plan in disguise, to ensure that students are getting the most benefits out of each workout. It is the mission of LaBlast® Fitness to teach the students the skill of dance, the tools to workout properly, and set them up for success in life.

Due to the rules and regulations during the pandemic, many students were learning remotely and isolated for a prolonged period. The LaBlast program offers mental and emotional relief through the combination of fitness, dance, and music. LaBlast brings them back into a social setting, where they are free to express themselves and be together again.

Quizzes & testing made available to school teachers by LaBlast® Fitness creator, Louis van Amstel. Discussion topics for accountability and grading.

Teachers are welcome to join their students during the LaBlast class.

Contact Emma Mero for more information
(951) 382 – 0172