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LaBlast® Fitness at Dance Studios

Tips for Social Media

  • Use the official LaBlast® Fitness Promo video to promote your classes! (CLICK HERE)
  • Use LaBlast®’s social media tiles (CLICK HERE)
  • Description tile (CLICK HERE)
  • Instructor bios
  • Dance action shots
    • Take pictures of your instructors teaching LaBlast®. These make for some great action shots that will really show what LaBlast® is like.
      • The Quickstep is an excellent dance to photograph because it clearly shows the ballroom hold.
      • Any dance with weight training will also produce great pictures for your social feed.
    • Take pictures that make the classes look full
      • You can do this by getting in the middle of a class (even if it’s 5 people) and shoot behind the students, facing the instructor. This will make the class look full, and it shows exactly what a student will experience in a LaBlast® class.
  • Special Events
    • If you’re hosting a charity event, community event, or an “open to the public” class: Post about it! Use local hashtags, get your local students to post about it, and tag your local news stations and community pages. Get new people into your studio to experience LaBlast®.
  • Giveaways
    • Incorporate giveaways that involve a “pickup”. This way, they have to come to your studio to get the giveaway, and you may earn some new students.
    • Examples of Giveaways: T-Shirts, water bottles, towels, etc
  • Define your “why”
    • Why are you offering LaBlast®? Is there a significant reason? Do you love dance? Share this “why” with your students through social media.
  • Keep your social media bio short, sweet, and informative
    • Your bio should ideally be one line (not including your website). Choose the three attention-grabbing short phrases that best describe your studio.
      • Bio example: Dance Fitness | Ballroom Dance | Chicago, IL
  • Create a content schedule
    • Know what you’re going to post before you have to post something.
    • Schedule the month before it starts.
      • This can be done with a scheduling software ( is a great tool!), or a paper calendar.
  • Headshots of instructors
    • Use professional headshots to post on social media to help your followers get to know your team.
  • Get personal! (but not too personal)
    • People want to know why you are doing what you’re doing. Why you dance, why you choose LaBlast®, who your tribe is, etc.
    • People don’t want to know (from a business social media account) your complaints about other studios, or the drama you may be involved with.

Keep it professional, yet personal!

Social Media Tiles
Click to Download Description Tile

Tips for Featuring LaBlast® on Your Website

Make sure to keep your class schedule up to date and easy to find.
Showcase your instructors under an “About” tab on your website, so students can get to know them.

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