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Car Crashes and Setbacks

I want to take a beat before I start this week’s LaBlog topic.

I was in a car accident this last Tuesday, and I wanted to use this platform to say, DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. It’s not worth it. Your choices do not just effect you, there are others in the world. You can ruin someone’s day by choosing to drive distracted.

NOTE: I feel like I need to tell you, it was not me who was distracted, a young girl turned in front of me.

I always thought that people were being dramatic when they talked about texting and driving, I’ll admit, I’ve done it. However, after having my life threatened by a decision that minor, my view has changed, and I will no longer be part of the “distracted driving club.”

I’m alright, after a trip to the E.R. and a bruised thumb bone (super technical term, I know). It’s a miracle and I’m pretty sure that I’ve got 9 lives like a cat.

This post is going to be a little shorter, because typing with this cast on is extremely difficult. (Cast pictured below, on me in the E.R. feeling extra twirly.)

Let’s start. Ironically, I had planned to talk about setbacks next week, and then I had a major setback in the form of a totaled Nissan Altima. So, this week is all about setbacks!

To say that I now have a deeper knowledge of this topic is a gross understatement.

So, now that I’m right in the middle of a setback, it’s only appropriate that we talk about them…right?

It’s important to remember that your setbacks don’t define you. They may add to your story, but they aren’t the road blocks in your story.

I talked about Resistance and how to push through it and to not give into it, but I’m about to contradict myself a little bit.

It is ok to give into setbacks. It is ok to accept that you are not going to make it to the gym today because life had different plans for you.

A lot of the time, we are quick to forget everything we do correctly, and instantly only think about the one thing we have done wrong.

You are what you continually do the majority of the time.

If you have a problem once in a while, you aren’t a terrible human, you’re H U M A N.

Do your best, give yourself a break, and make sure to remember the things that you’re doing well.

Thanks for reading! Sorry this week is a little shorter, but typing with no thumb is a little more difficult than I thought it would ever be.

I’ll see you next week! BYEEE!

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