In today’s culture, instant gratification is becoming a must in all aspects of life.

And let me be clear, vacuuming is my favorite chore because you can see results RIGHT after you finish.

Vacuum marks on the floor? One of my favorite sights in the world.

Last week, I talked about having two different reactions when people ask me about weight loss. The “magic pill” crowd and the “how much work did that take” crowd.

The quote below has really messed me up, because just like vacuum marks on the floor, I want to be able to see results after one healthy meal, or one intense workout. However, it’s just not the way it works.

Integrity and self-respect play a huge part in fitness and goals in general. I’ve learned that most of the time, you are going to be alone, and it’s what you do in those moments that makes or breaks you.

You could eat healthy in front of people all day and then come home and binge on chips and ice cream, and you wouldn’t lose any weight. Because of what you did when you were alone.

It’s SO important to remember that you’re worth the fight.

You’re going to notice it, you’re going to feel it, and people are going to see it.

But, it takes time, commitment to the goal, and patience.






There are going to be times where the scale doesn’t show the results you’re looking for or where you aren’t losing the inches you want to and you’re going to want to give up. THAT. That’s when you need to push just a week more, and you’ll see the results. Keep going, push through, and get to your results. Rolex watches Swiss made pin, buy Rolex replica watches online.

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