Certification Refreshers

  • Two different “Refresher” types
    • LIF Subscriber Refresher: An instructor that is in good standing, a LIF subscriber, wanting to observe and take another certification. Must call the office to register for $99
    • Certified Prior to 2016 Refresher: An instructor that was certified prior to 2016. Must call the office to register for $99, receives the 3-month free trial of LIF.
  • Refreshers pay $99 to participate in the certification. They receive a
    certificate of completion and ACE/AFAA credit (+ AEA for Splash refresh),
    but they do not receive 3 months of LIF.
  • Refreshers must register for the certification by calling the LaBlast Office
    (951-382-0172), preferably before the certification itself.
  • If a Refresh shows up at your certification, make note on the roster, get a phone number, and we will call them on Monday to obtain payment.
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