LIF: The LaBlast Instructor Foundation Monthly Subscription



Each month Louis films new material for the LIF subscription.  These dances can be used by the instructor “as is”.  Or, the instructor can watch the videos to learn new patterns and/or new ways of altering existing patterns.  This helps build on the foundation of patterns learned in the training and ultimately helps keep the instructors’ classes fresh, entertained and engaged.  Almost all of his monthly videos have a continuing education feel to them, our most common feedback being that our instructors feel like they become better instructors as a result of being able to practice with these videos.   Most of these videos are in the 6-10 minute range, from a prep time standpoint.

Each month we also release suggested playlists, personally curated by Louis.  These playlists can be very helpful for instructors who don’t have the time or patience to choose songs, or for those who simply need more experience identifying what dance style best matches a particular song.  Note that the music itself is not provided because they are original artist suggestions.  Instructors are responsible for obtaining the music.  

The entire back library of 100+ videos and 100+ music playlists (dating to January 2017) is available to all LaBlast® instructors.

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