Submission of Rosters for Certifications

  • You will receive a Google Sheets roster prior to your certification. This
    roster is updated by the office every time a new enrollment comes in. This
    is the roster we need you to complete and send back during the
    certification day. We will not accept email lists, texts saying “everyone is
    here”, etc. It MUST be the Google Sheet.
  • On the Sheet, there is a checkbox by every registrant, if the participant attended the certification, “click” the checkbox.  If the participant is affiliated with the host site, also place an X in the “Host” column so we can maintain host site information.
  • Email the roster to , , and no later than
    lunchtime on the day of your certification.
  • For each day after the certification that the roster is not complete, $25 will be deducted from your final invoice.
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