What Do You Get with the LIF Subscription?

The most successful LaBlast® classes are led by instructors who pride themselves on quality by sticking to the simple formula of interchangeable patterns.  Continuous access to, and use of, your LIF subscription will ensure your classes rise to the top:

  • NEW PATTERNS:  Two (2) new monthly videos from Louis teach instructors new patterns not covered in the certification + one bonus monthly video by a featured Master Trainer.  Build your arsenal of interchangeable patterns! LIF subscribers receive the full back catalog of previous months’ (and years’) videos.  There are currently over 100 videos!
  • NEW DANCES:  New dance genres, not covered in the certification, are introduced by Louis through LIF.
  • EXPERT EDUCATION:  The videos are not just “choreography”.  Louis provides expert education in each video that continuously helps you grow as a LaBlast® instructor.  By studying the monthly videos, you’ll better understand how to deliver your class in a way that is accessible, yet challenging; easy to follow, yet still fun and fresh from class to class.
  • TIME-SAVING PLAYLIST CREATION:  LaBlast releases two full-length class playlists each month, complete with which dance to do to what song and constructed in a way that guarantees a proper interval workout.  LIF subscribers receive the full back catalog of previous months’ (and years’) playlists.  There are currently over 50 playlists, which you can use “as is” or use to identify songs that work well with your LaBlast® patterns
  • MARKETING:  “Plug-and-play” marketing (flyers, business card templates, etc) to assist you in promoting your classes and special events.
  • $30/MONTH NO MATTER HOW MANY CERTIFICATIONS:   You can be certified in all 3 LaBlast® formats and still only pay $30/month*.  That means even more LIF videos and playlists at your disposal, for the same price. *Kids Fitness holds its own monthly subscription as a $15 add-on for current LIF members.
  • SPECIAL ACCESS TO DEALS/DISCOUNTS:  Gain access to outrageously great sales and partnerships only available to LIF members.
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