What is LaBlast®?

LaBlast® is dance fitness based on all the dances seen on Dancing with the Stars. It is the only ballroom-based dance fitness program that includes four (4) of the core components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. LaBlast® is partner-free, incorporates weight training and utilizes a wide variety of music genres.

The formula LaBlast® is based on logic: interchangeable patterns that, once an instructor learns, they can plug into any song that fits the mood/style of the dance. LaBlast® calls this “PATTERNography”, not Choreography. The instructor can choose to incorporate patterns from multiple dances styles in a song, or stick with patterns from only one dance style per song. LaBlast® wants participants to get a great workout without having to overthink about “choreography”, and wants instructors to feel confident preparing for a class without having to memorize an hour of choreography.

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