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LaBlast® Fitness: Integration Plan

What is LaBlast® Fitness?

LaBlast® is dance fitness based on all the dances seen on Dancing with the Stars. It is the only ballroom-based dance fitness program that includes four (4) of the core components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. LaBlast® is partner-free, incorporates weight training and utilizes a wide variety of music genres.

The LaBlast® formula is based on logic: interchangeable patterns that, once an instructor learns, they can plug into any song that fits the mood/style of the dance. LaBlast® calls this “PATTERNography”, not Choreography. The instructor can choose to incorporate patterns from multiple ballroom dances within the same song , or stick with patterns from only one dance style per song. LaBlast® wants participants to get a great workout without having to overthink about “choreography”, and wants instructors to feel confident preparing for a class without having to memorize an hour of choreography.

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About LaBlast®

The LaBlast® Fitness Instructor Certification Process2019-10-23T10:22:50-06:00

The LaBlast® Fitness certification is a one-day, 9-hour course (includes 1 hour lunch).  The first hour (or however best fits into your studio space for the day) is a master class designed not only for the trainees, but also members and non-members (should you allow).  The remainder of the day is spent learning the following:


  1.  LaBlast® Philosophy, Teaching Approach, Coaching & Cueing Techniques 
  2.  Components of a LaBlast® Class
  3.  Music: Definition, Selection, Application
  4.  LaBlast® Instructor Foundation (LIF) Subscription Contents
  5.  Showcase: Small Group Teach-backs
  6.  (And most importantly) Learning the history and basic patterns to the different Ballroom, Latin and Club dances (Disco, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Salsa, Paso Doble, Jive, Lindy Hop, Rumba, Merengue, Viennese Waltz).  

Maintaining the LIF subscription is our way of trusting that our instructors are staying current with new LaBlast® patterns and dances introduced by Louis each month, as well as continuously honing and improving their LaBlast® teaching skills through the expert knowledge provided by Louis.  

LIF: The LaBlast Instructor Foundation Monthly Subscription2019-10-23T10:47:26-06:00



Each month Louis films new material for the LIF subscription.  These dances can be used by the instructor “as is”.  Or, the instructor can watch the videos to learn new patterns and/or new ways of altering existing patterns.  This helps build on the foundation of patterns learned in the training and ultimately helps keep the instructors’ classes fresh, entertained and engaged.  Almost all of his monthly videos have a continuing education feel to them, our most common feedback being that our instructors feel like they become better instructors as a result of being able to practice with these videos.   Most of these videos are in the 6-10 minute range, from a prep time standpoint.

Each month we also release suggested playlists, personally curated by Louis.  These playlists can be very helpful for instructors who don’t have the time or patience to choose songs, or for those who simply need more experience identifying what dance style best matches a particular song.  Note that the music itself is not provided because they are original artist suggestions.  Instructors are responsible for obtaining the music.  

The entire back library of 100+ videos and 100+ music playlists (dating to January 2017) is available to all LaBlast® instructors.

LaBlast Advanced Booster – LABs (Two Hour Workshop)2019-10-23T10:47:24-06:00

Our proposal includes offering these LAB’s for FREE, once per quarter, led by one of our top Master Trainers, who would be assigned to your account. Each quarter, a LaBlast® Master Trainer will teach your instructors one of our LABs.

As of right now, we have three (3) accredited LAB’s (LaBlast® Advanced Booster). Each of these three courses is two (2) hours long and approved for .2 ACE and 2 AFAA credits.

Launch Strategy and Timeline

Partnering with LaBlast®2019-10-29T09:44:16-06:00
  • Identify locations with dance fitness programsSelect pilot locations
  • Sketch timeline for national/international launch
  • Determine certification dates, demos and master classes
  • Review previous program launches – what worked, what could have been better, what we can do together to mitigate challenges with LaBlast® launch
  • One-day, 9-hour certification that includes a master class open to general member population
  • Certification curriculum is designed to enable instructors to begin teaching shortly after certification (seasoned instructors might find our program to be “Monday morning ready”!) 
CONTINUING EDUCATION2019-10-21T10:08:33-06:00
  • The LIF (LaBlast Instructor Foundation) subscription is our way of providing continuing education to instructors.  On a monthly basis instructors receive:
    • Minimum of four (4) videos, created by Louis van Amstel, teaching new patterns and/or new dances to add the instructor’s library. These videos may also show new ways of combining existing patterns to offer more variety to their classes. 
    • Two (2) suggested playlists, curated by Louis himself, organized in a way that ensures a proper interval workout.  Note: Use of playlists is not required but is strongly suggested, especially for new instructors.  
    • Additional educational content provided by Master Trainers. 
    • All videos and playlists, dating back to January 2017, are archived and available to all instructors.  
  • LAB’S (LaBlast Advanced Boosters)
    • Two-hour workshops focused on advanced philosophies of teaching movement.  Each workshop is accredited for 2 hours of continuing education (.2 ACE, 2 AFAA, 2 SCW)
LONG-TERM SUCCESS2019-10-21T10:10:20-06:00

LaBlast’s Corporate Team and our top-level Master Trainers seek to build a long-term relationship with you and your instructors.  Our Corporate Team consists of:

CLICK HERE for a sample timeline that picks up from the one month post-certification and is a simple outline of recommended areas of focus during the first year after initial certification.  For staged implementation, Steps Two and Three may begin for the next geographic market at any point in time the club leadership is ready. We will work on your schedule!

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