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Welcome to LaBlast Splash!

Congratulations on completing the LaBlast Splash certification!

You’re almost done!

Welcome to LaBlast Splash! Now that you have completed the certification, to make your certification active, you need to sign up for our LaBlast Instructor Foundation.

Some of the benefits of LIF:
  • Keeps your LaBlast certification active and current
  • Updated monthly content. Including videos, playlists, and bonus materials
  • Review of the dances learned in the certification
  • A “Starter Kit”: Step-by-step videos of a playlist hand-crafted by Louis van Amstel for your first class.

Please Note: The subscription to LIF is mandatory to keep your certification up to date.

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Never Miss a Beat!

LIF Subscription keeps instructor up to date on all things LaBlast

LIF is all about learning new things!

With access to videos all the way back to 2017, LaBlast Instructors have access to 50+ videos of dances they can incorporate into their classes.

LIF also gives you access to playlists curated by Louis for a perfect class.

Marketing Help

With a subscription to LIF, LaBlast Instructors gain access to Business Branding Tools that help with everything needed to market yourself as an instructor. The branding tools include: a flier template, business card template, descriptions, and brochures.

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