LIF Fitness Subscription (Begins 3 months following your certification)

$30.00 / month with a 3-month free trial

Keep your classes fresh with a new choreography videos and 2 new playlists curated by Louis, every month.

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Product Description

With the LaBlast® Instructor Foundation, you get exclusive access to everything you need to achieve success as a LaBlast® Trainer!

Fitness Subscription Services

Each month you will receive:

  • 2 Playlists jam- packed with music that will motivate and move your students to a selection of dances. Each playlist is carefully crafted to maximize interval properties of LaBlast Fitness.
  • 4 videos containing both new patterns and existing patterns, plus technique and inspirational tips that will help your instructor skills!
  • Bonus Content – Every other month you will receive an additional themed playlist or other content.
  • Online access to marketing materials to help create class demand and a professionally designed business card template.

Get started by browsing the Business Branding Tools section. There you will find several LaBlast®– Fitness branded marketing templates for everything from social media marketing to event flyers, general marketing materials to business cards and much more. Next explore the Line Dance Instructor Video Content for program choreography paired with music. Finally, explore the monthly curated playlists specifically created for you as an instructor for an optimal interval based workout.


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